About SOS

Sean Ordonez is a passionate board builder, shaper, and ex-professional windsurfer, in other words a proud "professional beach bum by trade." He shapes and builds all types of conceptual water toys, mainly surfboards, tow boards, kite boards, windsurf boards, and stand up paddle boards for surf or race. For those of you who have had the pleasure of owning an SOS board, you know that his work is "functional art."

Building boards for some of the best surfers in the world allows SOS to set trends, be it through design or board construction. Sean has always been known to think outside the box, coming up with original board designs and endless possibilities of how to build a board to have that "perfect feel." You could talk to Sean for hours about foams, carbon, fiberglass, bamboo, sandwich construction, flex, fins, and board design. He is one of few shapers in the world that can build any type of board, ride it, and truly understands the fundamentals of building a board from start to finish, using new and old board building techniques.

Sean was born in California, moved to Canada as a child, then to Colombia when we was 5. When he was 10, his family moved to Puerto Rico, where his brothers taught him how to surf on a body board. Later, his brother gave him a broken 7'6" Fox surfboard that he reshaped into a 4'9" swallow tail twin fin. The "thing" was a rocket, so I guess you could say he was hooked on the speed and the resin fumes at a young age. The family eventually moved to Antigua when he was 16, where he learned to windsurf. Cruising around on a motorcycle, he stumbled upon an empty left hand point break. He took an old molded windsurfer one design and ripped the plastic skin off to make himself two surfboards, a single fin and a thruster. He used boat yard resin and cloth, and plywood to make fins. After graduating in 1987, he moved to Florida to pursue his board building and professional windsurfing career. With the help of a good friend, he was introduced to Ricky Carroll and Greg Loehr. They helped him fine tune his shaping and board building skills. "I was deeply inspired, lucky, and grateful to have a chance to learn from them, as they were/are both legends."

Ironically enough, he went to Puerto Rico for a wave sailing contest where he got to meet the head judge, Ed Angulo, who he asked for a job. Upon arriving on Maui in 1991, he walked into the glassing job at Angulo Hawaii, at the time that Jeff Timpone has just taken over the factory. "It was a pleasure to work around the people who has inspired me. That job gave me the time to pursue my professional windsurfing career on the side." Later, he went on to work for Dave Mel at Sailboards Maui, while traveling and competing full time as a sponsored athlete. "Lucky for me, Maui was and still is the mecca for windsurfing and also the origins of many new and old revival sports like stand up paddle surfing, kitesurfing, tow surfing, strap surfing, foil boarding." All of which, Sean has been at the forefront with.

"Having been a part of so many sports, I have learned so much about speed and flow. Presently, I have the privilege of coming back to my first love of surfing, focusing mostly on building surfboards for the next generation and doing high-end custom technology for those who appreciate it. Working closely with our riders, my fiancee Paige Alms, Albee Layer, Kai Lenny, Matt Meola, Marcio Freire, Micah Nickens, and many others, I am being pushed daily to make them the most technical and progressive boards I have ever made. Having such a diverse group of riders, we are constantly testing new designs, which when approved 100 %, are then launched to the public."