In The News

Woman and Big Wave Surfing

This is a super cool Surfline article that Paige Alms was interviewed for at the XXL Awards a couple weeks ago. It is so nice to see the girls getting some recognition for what they are doing in big waves. A very well written article definitely worth a read. Paige had an awesome performance out at Jaws this winter and can't wait for summer to be over.

Hanging out with Matt Meola

Sean has been working on some new funky designs for Matt Meola. This week Matt came in to pick up his 5'6" Procket. While he was in the factory he worked on one of his MMMM (Matt Meola's Monthly Minute), where he paints his board with a funky....

Paige Alms Billabong XXL 2012

Check out this ESPN article on the Billabong XXL women's nominees. Paige Alms was nominated this year among four other girls for her performance out at Jaws riding her 10'1" SOS Sushi Peahi gun. So stoked and proud that we will be attending the awards party tonight.

The waterman, Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny is by far one of the best true waterman in the world. Making boards for Kai has been a pleasure, he is so professional and in tune with his equipment, it makes it pretty easy to fine tune his boards to his exact needs. We have worked on so many different designs and feels that Kai can describe to a tee what he is feeling under his feet.

Another Innersection Win

We are so stoked to announce that we have back to back Innersection winners riding SOS surfboards! Congratulations to Albee Layer on winning the 2012 Taylor Steele's Innersection contest and the coveted $100,000! Words cannot express how stoked we are.

Matt Meola Wins Punt of The Month

Congratulations to our SOS Surfboards team rider Matt Meola. Our team has been dominating the Surfline Punt of the Month's, making it 3 for 3 so far, with Albee winning the first. This month Matt pulled off another crazy flip thing that he named the "Hippie Flip" along with another air, both were number one and two on the voting.