Meet Marcio Freire

This is a pretty cool article on our SOS team rider Marcio Freire. The first photo is a pic of him in Paia with his 10'4" SUSHI gun that got destroyed on the rocks after a couple sessions of Marcio catching bombs! Marcio was born in Salvador City, Bahia state northeastern Brazil. Surfing since he was 9 years old, Marcio dedicated 11 years to competing and won many contest when was living in Brazil. He moved to Hawaii in November 1998 to live his dream, surfing big perfect waves. After four years of charging Waimea bay, Sunset Beach and outer reefs on Maui, Marcio moved to Half Moon Bay in Northern California for the winter season of 2003/2004 to charge Mavericks and get more experience in big waves. Years later, back on Maui, in March 2007, Marcio committed to paddling into Peahi, "Jaws" for the first time. Since then, Marcio is looked at as one of the original pioneers of paddling this monster wave with friends Danilo Couto and Yuri Soledade. Although the wave had been paddled into years ago, these guys charged it in "real Peahi". Marcio was known as one of the only guys to paddle the left by himself as others were tow surfing the right. Marcio is considered one of the top big wave riders on this planet.

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