• The newest  and most progressive board design in our line, introducing the  “SLUSHI”
  • Designed to ride the mushiest slush but ironically enough, this board handles power and size , equally perfect for beginners to pros
  • The revolutionary new double barrel contoured deck design , is ergonomically shaped to keep the board glued to the surfers feet and also allowing a perfect conform fitting deck shape for a comfortable and efficient paddling stroke
  • This design allows the rider to go a lot shorter in length by distributing the correct volume in the right places of the board that helps enhance the boards sensitivity to foot pressure
  • The SLUSHI’ s old school/new school combo rails and outline offers the best of both worlds, while it rides high on the water in smaller weak surf , it also accelerates to hold and drive off it’s rail turns in power surf
  • A favorite of most SOS customers and team riders, one of Matt Meola’s most favorite go to boards, enough said…