• The SUSHI is SOS ‘s biggest , longest and hardest earned milestone   accomplishments  in our shaping world… soon to be acknowledged as a revolutionary design and shape… A true art piece of function in heavy code red conditions
  • This Gun design was born and raised to handle surfing our famed and beloved Maui’s big wave spot Peahi or “Jaws”. This board, not put lightly, is one you can trust you life on…
  • Attention to detail on the SUSHI is impeccable and ahead of it’s time and a true Ferrari of big wave  boards
  • First and foremost this board is a fast paddling and gliding board , which lets you travel in and out of the impact zone with ease
  • The deck design borrowed from the SLUSHI allows the SUSHI gun to have a comfortable paddling experience  while holding the right amount of volume in the right places, the center chest area and the outside rail area.  Due to the contoured deck shape, the toe and heel control give the surfer a much more connected  to the board feel , which allows the surfer to push and leverage harder under extreme speeds…
  • Thanks to the well balanced outline, rocker line , bottom contours and down rail design (much respect to Dick Brewer) this SUSHI gun can be surfed hard on the tail, mid, and nose section of the board with strong front foot pressure.
  • This board is designed to hold a smooth and high line in the barrel , granted conditions permitting
  • Offered with the option of a thruster and a Quad fin set up, for different wave and ocean conditions, along with personal preference.
  • Above all, appropriately glassed with the right amount of cloth and resin to reach the desired weight  and stiffness for forward momentum speed to handle the steep huge walls, wind, and chop.  Another plus characteristic of it’s unique deck contoured shape,  is the extra stiffness it’s design offers  in adding to the boards acceleration to top speed
  • A top favorite of SOS team riders and Billabong’s XXL award nominees, Marcio Freire, Albee Layer, Paige Alms, Matt Meola, Kai Lenny, Micah Nickens, Tide and Kiva Rivers