Albee's Favorite Boards

Albee Layer

Albee Layer grew up in Haiku, Maui watching the best of the best out at Jaws. Growing up alongside friends, Matt Meola, Kai Barger, Clay Marzo, to name a few, he was always setting the bar, be it in contests or big waves. Throughout Albee's competitive career, he won many amatuer titles, including a Pro Junior win at the 2009 ASP Hawaii presents the Quiksilver Pro Junior Mens at Kewalo Basin riding his SOS Surfboards AL design. He was invited to the 2009 and 2010 ASP World Junior Championships in Australia and Bali. He struggled to find a main sponsor to help him travel for a couple years, making Albee focus more on doing video segments at home. In 2012, freshly signed with his new clothing sponsor ERGO, he went on to win the coveted Taylor Steele online video contest, Innersection. We are proud to announce that SOS Surfboards has the first two Innersection winners riding our boards! This year, you can find Albee pulling 720's and working hard on webisode projects for Rockstar alongside his partner in crime, Matt Meola. Check out their blog:


  • Full Name: Alfred Louis Layer the IV
  • D.O.B: June 9th 1991
  • Resides: Haiku, Maui
  • Stance: Natural
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 170
  • Fav Wave: Peahi
  • Fav 3 SOS Boards: Procket, Lift, SUSHI
  • Fav Surfer: Clay Marzo
  • Sponsors: Ergo, DaKine, Xcel, HiTech, RockStar, SOS
  • Career Highlights: barrel at jaws, innersection win, big wave at chopes, surfing hold downs