Matt's Favorite Boards

Matt Meola

 Matt Meola grew up on Maui alongside Albee Layer, Kai Barger, Dusty Payne, Clay Marzo, and Granger Larsen. Originally interested in skateboarding, he was drawn more closely into surfing at the age of 13. Doing contests throughout his teenage years, he got burnt out with the tiring schedule of always being on the road. After high school, he decided that he would much rather be a free surfer, working on video parts and getting photos. In 2011, Matt caught the world by surprise winning Taylor Steele's online video contest, Innersection. Winning Innersection, Matt Meola became a household name in the surf industry, doing things on a surfboard that were thought impossible. Now, Matt is busy doing trips all over the world making webisodes for his energy drink sponsor Rockstar with his best friend and SOS Surfboards team rider, Albee Layer. Matt is not just one of the worlds best aerial surfers, he is also out there with the best during the big winter swells here on Maui at the world famous big wave spot, Jaws. He has been an exclusive SOS Surfboards team rider since 2009.


  • Full Name: Matt Meola
  • D.O.B: 6/7/89
  • Resides: Haiku
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Height: 5'7
  • Weight: 130
  • Fav Wave: Secret
  • Fav 3 SOS Boards: Slushi, weird cut off board, Lift xcd
  • Fav Surfer: JJ
  • Sponsors: SOS, Oxbow, Sanuk, Rockstar, Dakine, Kaenon, SWYD
  • Career Highlights: Innersection Win, Tony Hawk Tweet, Kelly Slater Tweet, Paddling Jaws, Inventing Hippyflip